Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) are the devices that aid in electronic recording of the data related to drivers and fleets. Use of ELDs in commercial truck industry is beneficial as it facilitates easy maintenance of records, increases driver and vehicle safety, reduces paper work, decreases Hours of Service (HOS) violations, improves vehicle utilization, minimizes fuel consumption, maximizes profit margin, reduces operating costs, eliminates driver harassment, speeds-up road side inspection process and enables real time tracking of fleet vehicles.

On recognizing these benefits, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) published a rule making ELDs must-and-should for commercial vehicles in December 2015. The mandate was brought into effect from February 16, 2016 and the date to ensure compliance was fixed to December 18, 2017. Nevertheless the vehicles using Automatic On-Board Recording Devices (AOBRD) to track HOS, before 2017 deadline, were given time till 16th December 2019 to switch to ELDs. This second set of compliance date being just 6 weeks from now-on, its highly recommended that you start using ELDs at the earliest. Here are the top 5 reasons insisting on immediate action in this respect.

Time to get Trained

Although ELDs are electronic devices functionally similar to AOBRDs, there are some subtle differences between them. As a result, even the staff and drivers who are well-versed in AOBRDs can experience some technical difficulties while handling ELDs. All of them might not get accustomed to the new technology right at one-go. The time taken is certainly a subjective parameter as it depends on individual skill-set and interest. In addition, there might be a necessity to hold workshops and training sessions to better exploit the features of the device. There might be special attention necessary to tackle issues that might rise from one’s incompatibility to handle generated records and/or due to the malfunctioning of the device. All this demands for time – longer the possible, better the result. So, go for it right now! Choose the ELD most suitable for your application and ensure you make your personnel comfortable with it well before the criticality creeps-in.

Insufficient Time to Choose an Appropriate Product

As of now, market thrives with numerous ELD vendors – each trying to catch a prominent position. However, it is to be noted that not all of them deal with reliable, FMCSA-compliant products. Although FMCSA provides a list of self-certified ELD marketers, it is your responsibility to choose the device which best caters your specific needs while fully adhering to the new set of rules. This task of researching is quite tedious and time taking as it requires you to perform a thorough technical analysis of the product-of-interest by paying due attention to the format of output file, connectivity medium, additional beneficial features and cost. If you start porting from AOBRDs to ELDs at the last moment, you will run short of time for sure. So, start the process right now!

Shortage of Suitable Devices

Owing to the grace period offered by FMCSA, there still exist many commercial vehicle owners using AOBRDs. However with just a couple of weeks left for the hard core deadline, all of them will start ordering ELDs. This growing demand is likely to result in shortage of ready-to-ship products. This is primarily because, even after anticipating a greater demand for ELDs, the companies are unlikely to produce much more devices than the number of orders placed. With this, either you may face unavailability of devices or might experience a delay in shipment – causing you to either compromise on a not fully compliant ELD or by leaving your fleet without an ELD even after the deadline exceeds. In either case, your business will get affected adversely. So, why take risk? Just place an order as soon as possible!

Probable Increase in Price

ELD market is anticipated to experience a considerable boom since the implementation of ELD mandate. However, even now, ELD merchants are striving to expand their market by competing between themselves to sell as many number of devices as possible. As a result they are offering the products at a reasonable price and are launching many kinds of offers. Nevertheless, the situation is likely to change drastically as the deadline approaches. With the use of ELDs being mandatory, you are compelled buy them, irrespective of whether you are offered a discount or not. Naturally, the cost of the devices would follow an opposite trend i.e. instead of going down the lane; the cost is likely to march up-hill. When implementation is obligatory, then why to pay more just because of delaying?

Catch up the Pace with Competitors

Do recall that December 16 2019 is the deadline for second shot of ELD mandate. This means, most, if not all, of your competitors have already started to use ELDs. As already mentioned, deployment of ELDs clearly offers certain noteworthy advantages which contribute to business development. This indicates that those who have already resorted to ELDs are reaping these benefits to ensure positive industrial growth. Sooner you start using, better the control over the device and its features. If you have not switched to ELD still, whatsoever the reason, then, you are definitely set behind in the race. Better late than never. So, hurry up! Switch to ELDs at the earliest to catch up the pace with your competitors.

Conclusively, it is better to deploy ELDs into your fleet management system as early as possible. Made up your mind? Then, feel free to have a look at our ELD solution which leverages you with full ELD compliance while offering enough additional benefits.

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