The number of hours spent by the driver on the lane stands as a direct measure of productivity achieved in logistics industry. However, the drivers are not supposed to be on-road for a prolonged period of time as their drive-time must comply with the regulations laid down by FMCSA. These impositions take the form of Hours Of Service (HOS) reported and maintained as RODS. The comprehensive solution offered by infoTRAK to facilitate the process of maintaining these logs manifests in the form of Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs).

Our software associated with electronic logging of driver status can be installed within a few minutes. Its easy configurability makes it liable to be used by a layman with minimum skill-set. Its dashboard view provides all the information concerned with fleet and driver at one-go to the manager. Automatic generation of all associated reports fastens-up road-side inspection while minimizing the chance to falsify the data. This in turn results in increased driver safety, reduced driver-exploitation, lower penalties and faster delivery.