Logistics and delivery service

Logistics is a mechanism of organizing and controlling the flow of things right from their origin to the place of delivery. This includes all the phases of supply chain management including materials handling, manufacturing, inventory management, packaging, transportation and storing. The field of logistics and delivery aims at maximizing the communication (between manufacturer and consumer) and service quality, while minimizing the misuse of resources. In other words, it means, logistics industry can be benefitted by real-time tracking of vehicles complemented by the logged driver information.

One way to accomplish this kind of monitoring is by resorting to the complete solutions offered by infoTRAK. Our products help in fleet tracking, trailer monitoring, logging driver status and maintenance of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) compliant records like driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIR) and record of duty status (RODS). This results in advantages like effective fuel consumption, lower delivery time, increased safety with respect to vehicles, driver and asset and reduction of penalties incurred due to legislation violations. This bridges the operational gaps resulting in improved customer satisfaction, leading to a positive growth in the business.

For Fleet of Trucks and Vans

  • Locate, Track and Monitor vehicles
  • Driver Productivity and Driver Score card
  • Keep Track of Fuel costs
  • HOS and DVIR reports and graphs
  • Improve end customer service & satisfaction
  • Eliminate unauthorized driver/ vehicle usage
  • Road / site condition picture upload
  • Asset utilization and lower maintenance cost
  • Garmin integrated solution


For Fleet of Trailers and Packages

  • Locate and Track
  • Temperature log and Alert
  • Track Package from pick up to delivery point