Vehicle tracking

Fleet management services offered by infoTRAK work based on telematics. Our comprehensive fleet management solutions can effectively track your fleet irrespective of its size – may it be a car or a van or a truck or a trailer – when installed with a suitable tracking device. GPS tracking devices are capable of supplying the positional information of your vehicle at user-configured time-period intervals. In addition, even the data like the temperature of the trailer, can be communicated at regular intervals in a fleet management system. Adding to these, driver-related statistics like idle time, harsh braking, fast acceleration, etc can be readily acquired by the enterprise fleet management personnel.

Geo-fencing feature acting in conjunction with real-time fleet tracking facilitates road-mapping which eases the process of scheduling the optimum route to be followed to ensure fast and safe delivery. In addition, vehicle fleet management services even aid in communicating the changes in the path, if any, to the driver effectively. The use of tracking devices results in huge savings in terms of cost by maximizing productivity and reducing loss incurred in the form of fines and penalties. Moreover, use of GPS tracking devices also increase the security associated with both person as well as asset, building trust amongst the clients. Our fleet management app is even incorporated with an alert system destined to warn the associated people when the situation goes out of control.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce fuel and maintenance costs by monitoring the fleet condition using the GPS tracker.
  • Improve driver behavior, safety and performance using fleet management software.
  • Stay connected with fleet operators, drivers and get alerted on maintenance checks via fleet management app.
  • Transform vehicle tracker business operations by better asset utilization, prediction of maintenance and better management of assets.
  • Readily available compliance reports like IFTA, HOS, DVIR and Camera / Video snapshots of road and site conditions.