• Plan for efficient utilization of the trailers by analyzing the data obtained by the trailer
    tracking devices
  • Reduce maintenance cost and financial loss incurred because of legislation violation
  • Exploit vehicle tracker information to ensure safety of fleet and driver
  • Avoid malpractices and receive alerts when situation goes out of control

infoTRAK GPS tracker for trailer keeps-an-eye on your moving units in real-time and transmits its exact location at regular instants of time. This telematics-based fleet management software aids you to know whether the trailer you are looking-for is at your yard or is on-road. In addition to position-information, our real time GPS tracker can even transmit the data like amount of fuel consumed and number of hours a trailer was used within a specific timeframe. This increases the efficiency of the trailer monitoring system as this information can be used to reduce dwell time, increase trailer-to-tractor ratio, ensure maximum trailer utilization, detect (and thus reduce) fuel loss and better scheduling of preventative trailer maintenance.

In conjunction to fleet vehicle tracking, trailer GPS security system is even equipped with geo-fencing feature, which aids to create virtual zones consisting of points of interest (POI). With this, GPS tracking app informs you when a trailer enters/exits a particular POI and when undesired conditions like sudden vibrations, fuel theft, equipment malfunctions, unauthorized opening/closing of the doors, etc are diagnosed. As a result, theft-like issues can be avoided, and if occurred, can be addressed quickly and efficiently through our fleet management software. Further, infoTRAK trailer monitoring systems are also capable of transmitting the refrigerated reefer trailer’s temperature throughout its journey.

Do enquire us if you need a trailer tracker device. We provide you the best GPS tracking devices featured with long-living battery and a highly customizable, up-to-date, easy-installable, user-friendly GPS tracking app.