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What Do We Do

We are one of the prime developers of fleet management app and provide a tailor-made product to meet your exact needs. infoTRAK offers the best possible hardware and software support right from beginning till the end in the form of optimized hardware, cloud based solutions, mapping, wireless connectivity, sales and service. In addition, we ensure that our modular products comprising of GPS tracking devices remain up-to-date in terms of technology by upgrading them at relevant instants of time.

Who We Are?

We are a leading US fleet tracking industry addressing the issues related to fleet management software. infoTRAK leads the arena of fleet management systems since 2003 and aims at solving the problems from scratch. Our vehicle tracker mechanisms find their deployment in industries like fire and safety, education, mobile advertising, pool services, HVAC/plumbing, IoT, waste and recycling, car and limo, logistics/asset management, Government – Fed/State, landscaping, oil field services, rental car, mail hauling, security agencies, concrete and paving, long haul trucking, distribution/delivery, tree services, telecommunication and courier services.



infoTRAK HOS automates the process of logging the hours-of-service (HOS) data into electronic logging devices (ELDs), through its user friendly fleet management app. It is featured by a customizable dashboard which displays information gained from van trackers to help in avoiding falsification of reports, increasing driver safety, avoiding penalties, reducing driver harassment, etc. Our HOS/ELD product even aids the generation, updating and transfer of driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIR) adhering to the norms laid down by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). As a result, tasks like rearrangement of load schedules can be accomplished effectively, easing the process of enterprise fleet management..Know more.



infoTRAK Fleet

infoTRAK fleet management solutions operating on telematics track the fleets in real-time and provide information on fuel consumption, miles covered, trailer usage and unauthorized usage or theft. GPS tracking device supplemented by geo fencing technology can effectively be used to guide the vehicles through an optimal route free from obstructions like snow and/or heavy traffic. This ensures efficient truck fleet management by saving both time and cost associated with the delivery. Our automobile tracking devices can even monitor the behavior of the drivers and workers like rash driving, fast acceleration, idle time, sudden cornering, panic stopping, harsh braking etc. Know more..



"Tailor Made Solutions For All Your Fleet And HOS Needs"

Fleet Solutions

Trailer Tracking

GPS trackers of infoTRAK solutions installed on the trailers transmit all information pertaining to its status at regular intervals. This facilitates accomplishment of fleet management services with high-standards while reducing the financial loss.

Fleet Tracking

infoTRAK tracking devices installed on various types of automobiles including cars, trucks and passenger vehicles aid in vehicle fleet management. We stand as a prime choice even for the best fleet management companies as we provide highly efficient fleet management solutions.


The vehicle monitoring systems offered by infoTRAK are compliant with the standards of FMCSA. Electronic logging and recording accomplished through quick-to-install and easy-to- use fleet management app greatly eases the process of road inspection.

Custom Solutions

infoTRAK delivers the fleet management software solutions with respect to the demand raised by the customers. This means, at us, you can customize your vehicle management system to best suit your application.